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We mainly manufacture a range of Roadheaders

QSM-5-15-B-SH Waterjet Cutting Machine

QSM-5-15-B-SH is used for the cutting operations in petrochemical industry. The equipment is capable of cutting any 0-100mm–thick materials (except glass carbon, diamond and special hard alloy), and is applied in the cutting operations of dismantlement and maintenance work related to petroleum pipelines and storage tanks.

work pressure: 45 (MPa)
nozzle diameter: 0.8 (mm)
cutting speed(10cm-thick steel plate): 14 (mm/min)
dimensions(length×width×height): 1740×785×1130 (mm)
equipment weight: 420 (kg)
motor: YBK2-160L-4
power: 15 (KW)
voltage: 380/660 (V)
filter volume: 8.4 (L)
pump flow: 11 (L/min)
volume: 11.8 L
abradant type: Special abradant
abradant granularity: 80 (Mesh)
abradant flow: 0.5 (Kg/min)
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